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Setup your HP Printer


HP Envy Printers

Envy Printers are the best models for the home printing needs and the small business purposes. Setup your envy printer easily with the help of printer drivers from 123.hp.com.
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Officejet Printers

HP Officejet Printers

HP Officejet printers are the best fit for the emerging business needs and for fast printing. You can connect HP Officejet printers to any device quickly for faster print, scan, copy and fax.
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HP Officejet Pro Printers

HP Officejet Pro printers are designed by HP for large scale businesses. Here you can get the instructions for wireless setup, printer software download and install.
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HP Deskjet are best fit for home. Deskjet Series help in connecting the devices through the following modes – USB cable or wireless setup wizard or WPS PIN.
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123 HP Printer Services

Complete instructions and guidance from unpacking the printer to efficient printing. Next is your printer setup process. Any HP Printer setup has hardware and software setup. The required steps of both setup process is available here now!

Driver Download

Drivers are the essential component of a printer for efficient functioning. Usually, there are 2 variants of drivers, Basic Drivers – A list of drivers for enabling the basic features and Full-Feature Drivers: Choose one from a complete set of latest drivers to enable all features.

USB Printer Setup

Connecting HP Printer to the network is easy now! You may need specific HP Drivers and software for this. The USB Printer connectivity also enables wired and wireless setup. HP Printer USB Setup also helps in connecting the device to the Wireless Setup Wizard.

WiFi Protected Setup is a reliable mode of Wireless Connectivity. The WPS mode has 2 options Push-button and WPS PIN mode. Based on your availability, you can choose the mode. Later, it pops you to enter 8-digit WPS PIN code of HP Printer.

First Time HP Printer Setup

The first time printer setup involves both Hardware setup and Software Setup.Unpacking, ink cartridge installation, and loading paper are hardware setup steps. Software setup is downloading the right set of drivers and software for installation.

  • To begin with, the HP Printer first time setup, unbox the new printer.
  • Peel off the packing materials both from the external and the internal surface.
  • Next, connect the HP printer to the direct power supply and turn it on.
  • Then, load the recommended papers (US A-4 size) into the input tray and align it according to the guidelines.
  • Finally, proceed to the Driver download process for efficient Printer functioning.

Note: Do not touch the copper contact head during the cartridge installation. It will cause ink clots or leakage.

HP Printer Driver Download

Driver download is mandatory for the complete HP Printer Setup process. Make use of the specific HP printer drivers either from the CD/DVD that arrive in box. Here are the easy instructions to complete the 123.hp.com/setup – HP Printer Driver Download.

  • To begin with, the driver download, connect the printer to the network with the USB cable or the Ethernet (LAN) cable.
  • Next, visit the link to download the latest versions of the Driver, software, and firmware.
  • Now, run the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the driver download process.
  • Then, connect it to a device (Windows or MAC) with the USB cable when the Setup wizard prompts.
  • Following these steps let you to download and install the driver easily.

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HP Printer Software Setup

After downloading the Drivers and software file to your device, the next step is to install it properly. The software installation process will allow you to enable the HP Printer features completely. With the right Drivers and software, 123 hp printer driver download is easy by following the below steps:

  • To begin with, the Software Setup process, get the full feature pack drivers and software to your device.
  • Next, run the AutoRun file and proceed further by accepting the Terms and Conditions.
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen to proceed further with the HP Printer Software Setup process.
  • Finally, enable the complete features with this software using 123.hp.com/setup.

Information:You can get the complete set of latest version drivers and software from 123.hp.com driver download link.

Tip:You can also install a specific set of drivers and software using HP Printer USB Setup.

HP Printer Driver Installation Issue

Usually, driver installation may cause a few error codes. It is now easy to rectify these with expert assistance. Most of these errors are due to non-compatible drivers or outdated 123.hp.com drivers. Now you can fix many of these with easy driver update or the firmware update process. Some of such common error codes or messages are here:

  • HP Printer Driver is unavailable:This error may arise when the driver downloaded is either not compatible or outdated. You can easily fix this by getting the right set of drivers and software for your HP Printer.
  • Fatal error during driver installation or download:The fatal error is usually due to no communication between the 123.hp.com printer and the device. You can now fix this with easy troubleshooting steps from our experts.
  • Printer not found:This is one of the most common errors. Now you can add your HP Printer to the list manually in case the driver setup wizard is unable to spot it.

HP Printer Wireless Setup

HP Printer Wireless Setup

Connecting the HP Printer to the network and devices is now easy with the Wireless Setup. Wireless Setup mode is the possible way for easy wireless connect. Here are the basic instructions for HP Printer Wireless Setup.

  • To begin with, the HP Printer Wireless Setup, go to the Settings option on your HP Printer control panel.
  • Next, select the option Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • This will initiate the Wireless Setup option.
  • Then, follow the instructions on the screen and proceed further with the Wireless Setup option.
  • Midway the process, the wizard will list all the available wireless connections nearby. Now, select your network name from the list and enter the password for the connection.

Tip: If you are unable to spot your Wireless network name in the list, you can add it manually using 123 hp com setup.

HP Printer Wireless Network settings

You can also connect the HP Printer to the devices through WPS PIN mode. WiFi Protected mode is a secure way to connect the printer and the devices to the network. Here, you can also use the secure 8-digit WPS PIN Code for establishing a connection.

  • To begin with, the WPS PIN Mode Setup, disconnect the Ethernet cable between the printer and the network.
  • Next, go to the Settings option on the 123.hp.com printer’s control panel.
  • Now, select the option WiFi Protected Mode. Here you can see 2 options – Push-button mode and the WPS PIN mode.
  • Select the option WPS PIN Mode. Now, you can see the printer displaying the 8-digit WPS code on the screen.
  • Now use this code and connect the devices to the same (i.e) active network. By this way, wps setup is done easily.

Information: WPS PIN Code is an 8-digit code that helps in secured connection.