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HP ojpro 8625 wireless setup - 123 HP ojpro 8625 WPS

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Steps To Setup HP Officejet Pro 8625 Wireless Printer

Connecting the HP Officejet Pro 8625 Printer wirelessly is the optimum choice. The user can pick any one of the wireless methods from the list. The one is 123 hp setup 8625 wireless direct and the other is Wi-Fi Direct. Using these techniques, you can connect Wi-Fi capable devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs to your hp Officejet Pro 8625 printer.

Steps To Setup HP Officejet Pro 8625 Wireless Printer

Once you have connected the printer through wirelessly using Wi-Fi Direct, your 123.hp.com/ojpro8625 printer can able to print through PC, Smartphone or tablet. If you want to get the full-features, your device should have the recommended ojpro8625 printer program installed on the computer.

Steps to turn on the Wi-Fi Direct:

  • You can find the Wi-Fi Direct alternative on the printer’s control panel. Tap on the option.
  • Choose the Settings option from the Wi-Fi coordinate alternative. There you have to turn on the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • Pair up to 5 devices through the Wi-Fi Direct method.

Not only connecting wirelessly, but you can also connect the printer using the USB cable association. Your 123.hp/setup 8625 printer should have the proper and stable internet connection and Officejet Pro 8625 printer should have connected to the PC with the help of USB cable.

Steps for Wi-Fi Direct association

  • Make use of the HP Officejet Pro 8625 Printer Software downloaded on the computer.
  • Choose Tools>Device Setup and go to Software>Connect another device.
  • You will find hp Wireless alternative under the association tab.
  • To finish the setup, you need to adhere to the guidelines.

123 HP Wireless Setup

Steps to print from a wireless-capable mobile that supports Wi-Fi Direct

To print from the wireless-capable mobile, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi Direct option.Once you have turned on the Wi-Fi direct, your printer detects the available network and pair with it.You have to select your HP  ojpro8625 Printer from the list of available printers.

Steps to print from a wireless-capable computer

You can also utilize the Wi-Fi Direct option from your wireless-capable computer.First, you have to turn on the Wi-Fi coordinate alternative on your ojpro8625 printer and PC.Select your 123 hp setup 8625 printer name from the available network list in the Wi-Fi settings.Enter credentials when prompted.

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Learn How To Setup Wired Network Printer

You need to keep Ethernet cable handy if you want to connect through LAN or other wired networks. Choose the Ethernet cable of optimum length without any damage. Discover the port on your printer to associate with the Ethernet cable. Plug the one end of the cable to the printer port and connect the other end to the system. Once the Ethernet cable has connected, move forward with the 123.hp.com/ojpro8625 printer driver installation. You can use the following procedures to install the driver successfully.

  • You have to choose and download the best HP printer program for your device and download it.
  • To start with the installation process, navigate to the website.
  • After that type your Officejet Pro8625 printer models in the search bar and tap Enter.
  • The above command will display the list of drivers and programs for your Officejet Pro 8625 printer.
  • The next step is you have to choose the printer software that fits your computer.
  • The download process will start and completes within a few minutes.

With the above steps, you have completed the downloading process. Next, move forward to the installation part with the help of below instructions. You don’t need anyone’s help to install the drivers. You can do it by yourself.

  • Open the download folder on your Computer and choose the downloaded setup package.
  • To open, double-click the downloaded package or right-click the package and select open.
  • The screen will display the Dialogue box. To proceed with the establishment, you need to click on Run or Yes.
  • Your monitor will show the connection screen. There click on Keep on setting off to product choice page.
  • Select the hpsoftware of your choice and accept the terms and conditions to finish the installation process.
  • The selected software and driver will reflect on your PC and proceed with the on-screen instructions until the installation has finished.
  • Don’t forget to choose the connection types as a wired connection.
  • Flow through the monitor instructions Officejet Pro 8625 and click on OK to complete the setup.
  • After completing the driver installation process, reboot your printer and check if everything is working fine.

123 hp wired network

How To Change Network Settings ?

With the help of 123 hp com/setup 8625 printer’s control panel, you can deal with the printer wireless connection. Even if you want to change the system settings you can do it. You can also turn the wireless on or off whenever you want. You can modify settings from connection speed, default passage, IP settings and firewall settings.

Steps To Print Network settings:

  • To view the organize status screen, click on Wireless option.
  • As a next step, you have to print the system arrangement page. For that, you need to select the Print Info option.
  • Then go to Tools>Network Configuration Report.

Steps To change IP settings:

  • Snap hp Officejet Pro 8625 wireless setup alternative and select Settings.
  • Then, move to Advanced Settings>IP Settings.
  • The notification screen will appear saying that Officejet Pro 8625 printer expels from the system.
  • To proceed, select OK.
  • Never forget to save the changes that you have made. If you have not saved the changes, it will result in malfunctioning.