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HP officejet pro 9013 wps pin & wireless software [New 2020]

How do I find WPS pin on HP Office Jet Pro 9013?

First install hp officejet pro 9013 WPS pin printer software and driver:

I would like to give it a try to help you with this step on top of the answer given by others on this website. I have found this from other thread it can help you:-

    1. Be close enough to hp officejet pro 9013 printer to see the display.
    2. On your windows 10 or MAC computer, select Add Printer from the Control Panel.
    3. When you find your hp printer displayed select it.
    4. When it asked for your HP Officejet pro WPS Pin take a look at the hp printer display. This wps number is shown at this time, but doesn’t stay up very long.
    5. Type the WPS number into the space provided on your windows 10 computer screen.
    6. Wait while it begins loading the hp printer.

Need HP Officejet Pro 9013 WPS Pin?

  1. On your hp officejet pro 9013 printer screen, locate the WiFi protected settup icon, then Locate the WPS PIN.
  2. Touch PIN, and the hp printer will generate a PIN to be entered into your windows 10.
  3.  Go back to your windows 10 computer, and as per above steps: (Then on the hp printer it will dispaly click add printer. When it asks for WPS Pin go physically to your hp printer/scanner and press on Wifi Protected setup on its touch printer screen with your finger) enter the WPS PIN.
  4. Wait for about few minutes, and the hp printer will be added.
  5. To confirm it has been properly set up, click again on the windows 10 Add hp printers & scanners icon to search for a hp printer and hp scanner and if it does not show any more then you have done the correct one.

Note: If the WPS method is now working. It may WPS setup mode is timed out. Re-configure the Officejet pro 9013 printer with wireless network by installing drivers.

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